55th Reunion Archive

On this page, you’ll find links to:

55th Reunion Photos – Candid photo collections from Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.

55th Reunion Videos – Videos of the Class of ’67-sponsored events, including The Jackson School, Teaching and Learning at Yale, the Memorial Service, Class Dinner, Tom Gottshall’s Grove Cemetery Tour, Yale Admissions Today, and John Mauceri.

The Reunion Report – YAM Notes: July/August 2022 by Marty Snapp – highlights and reflections on the reunion.


55th Reunion Photos

55th Reunion Photos are available here. Enjoy these candid photographs taken at our 55th Reunion. When you click through to any of the 3 albums, you can click on any image to enlarge it.

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On the larger image, you can use your keyboard left and right arrows – or the left/right arrow on the photograph itself – to navigate from photo to photo.

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Using the screen controls on each image, you should be able to save, copy, or link to the image, to share it with others. Use the “X” in the upper right-hand corner to close the photo and return to the 55th Reunion Photos page.

Send us your own photos
55th Reunion attendees and their guests are invited to send your own reunion photos for inclusion in this collection. Please email them to Barry Bardo at barry@bardocommunications.com.


55th Reunion Videos


The Jackson School at Yale

Dean James Levinsohn, Victor Ashe and George Pataki highlight goals and plans for the Jackson Institute’s elevation to the Jackson School at Yale. The panel discussed the situation and outlook for the war in Ukraine, with questions from the audience. Introduction by Tom Gottshall.


Teaching and Learning at Yale

In this “Yale Today” panel we learn how the University promotes equitable and engaged teaching and encourages students to broaden their research skills through technology. The panel includes Peter Leonard, Director of the Digital Humanities Lab and Lecturer in Statistics & Data Science and Jennifer Frederick, Executive Director of the Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning. Introduction by David Richards.


Our Memorial Service

Led by our own Rev. John Mitchell and classmates, Rev. Bob Riedel and Ron Meister.


Class Dinner

Introductions, Class Elections, YAA awards, Class Gift and our Whiffenpoofs.


Yale at Rest: The Grove Street Cemetery Tour

Join Tom Gottshall for a tour of the Grove Street Cemetery and a glimpse of earlier Yale. Visit the graves of persons for whom our colleges are named (Trumbull, Silliman, Stiles, Dwight, etc.) and the graves of other Yale people, including Noah Webster, Lyman Beecher, Eli Whitney, Walter Camp, Kingman Brewster and others.


Yale Admissions Today

Our second session of “Yale Today” featured Margit Dahl, Director of Undergraduate Admissions, who presented an overview of the selection and composition of the most recent Yale College classes, answering audience questions. Introduction by George Lazarus.


Music and the Twentieth Century’s Wars: Classical, Jazz, and Pop Go to War as Weapons and Targets

Our own incomparable maestro John Mauceri tells the amazing story and plays the music for us. Introduction by Barry Bardo.


55th Reunion Report

The Reunion Report by Marty Snapp with comments and reflections by classmate attendees.

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