Bob Jones: Siena


Siena (poem below)

Last, but certainly not least, is this portrait of Bob and Bonnie’s granddaughter, Siena Jones, which was presented to her on her third birthday along with this poem penned by Bob:

Her eyes are blue like summer sky,
Her brow is free of care,
Soft hints of rose on soft lips lie,
And sunbeams fill her hair.

Her pretty dress, her bow of white
Are light as fairy wings,
She holds her darling “Bunny” tight,
And thinks of happy things.

“Siena” is her lovely name,
And she is lovely too,
And so, in paint, she will remain
All the ages through.

Her portrait, then, is proof indeed
One truth shall ever be:
Regardless where the years may lead,
She was superb at three.

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