Classmate Travels and Other Photos


L-R: Belle, Peter, Jay and Susie.

Belle and Peter Petkas visited Susie and Jay O’Brien in Amarillo, Texas on their way to Silverthorne, Colorado a few weeks ago and had dinner at the OHMS Cafe, short for “On Her Majesty’s Service.” (The original owner served in the British Navy.)

“OHMS is the best steak house – and possibly the best restaurant – in Amarillo, a real gem,” says Peter. “We drove from Houston to Dallas and visited Belle’s daughter and son-in-law and granddaughters there, then drove to Amarillo for one night and on to Colorado. A 2,600-mile round trip. We’ve done it before, a challenge, but the scenery and the vistas were magnificent.

“The contrast between the Texas panhandle and the Rockies was well worth the drive – our second year in row for this adventure and for a visit with the O’Briens in Amarillo. Jay was the chef at his home last year, in the back yard, of course. This year, we hosted an incredible meal at the OHMS. On our return this year, the O’Briens were previously engaged, but we enjoyed Napoli, surely the best Italian restaurant in Amarillo, serving fried calamari to die for, frankly, the best I have had on the planet.

“All the streets in downtown Amarillo are named after US Presidents and are wide enough for herds of cattle to pass through. Some of them probably belong to Jay!”

Victor Ashe, Tony and Dena Swil

L-R: Victor, Dena and Tony

Victor Ashe took a break from his campaign in May to welcome Tony and Dena Swil, who live in Israel, to Knoxville.

L-R: Victor, Richard and Doug

Doug Rund and Victor Ashe visited with Richard Beeman last March at McKee Gardens in Vero Beach, Florida. Doug is considering retirement there from Columbus, Ohio, where he practices emergency room medicine and advises local firefighters at the scene. Richard invited both of them to join the active Yale Club of the Treasure Coast, which hosts Yale speakers who welcome a break from New Haven winters.

Andy Delbaum and his wife Cheryl visited her sister in Ninilchik, on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska this summer. Armed with a long lens and a keen eye for photo opportunities, Andy assembled an album… READ MORE

“Our Man in Bhutan” Doug Schofield and his wife Janet Schofield have been in Bhutan 11 years, while visiting or working in more than 120 countries worldwide during their careers. With a wide variety of contacts and many contributions to Bhutan, including launching the private Royal Thimphu College, Doug and Janet are completing books on their experiences there. A Tibetan monk took time off from his 3-year meditation to snap this picture of Doug – complete with Yale hat – and Janet in front of a 15,000-ft mountain in Bhutan. They expect to be returning to the U.S. soon, as three daughters and family ties pull – and those mountains get ever-harder to climb.

Doug McClelland (left) and Mike Leahy (right) spent a week in January fly fishing in Patagonia, Argentina. They are pictured on the shores of Rico Pico Lago Tres.

Rick and Nita greet Klobuchar
Rick and Nita Luis with an old friend, Sen. Amy Klobuchar ’82, on March 7 at a Thank You party for her Minnesota supporters at Windows on the World on the 50th floor of IDS Center, the tallest building in Minneapolis. The senator had spent the day campaigning for Joe Biden in Michigan. “She recognized Rick right away and gave him a hug,” says Nita. Don’t miss Rick and Nita’s travel photos at the bottom of this page!

Victor and Doug

Doug Rund and his wife Sue recently visited Victor and Joan Ashe in Florida, where Victor had rented a condo for a month. While there they visited the historic Bonnet House in Fort Lauderdale, which is open to the public.

Steve, Joe and Rick

Steve Small, Joe deRaismes and Rick Moody walk into a bar in Boulder, Colorado, and the bartender asks, “Is this some kind of reunion?”
Moody responds, “Yes, this is some kind of reunion.”
Small adds, “Connecticut.”
DeRaismes says, “Aah, but we were so much older then. We’re Boulder than that now.”
  — Randy Alfred

Barry Bardo and David Corcoran

Barry and David

Enjoying a round of golf in Palm Desert, Barry Bardo and David Corcoran spent a sunny – and very windy – day on the course in late January.

Barry and his wife, Ann, were visiting from coastal Camarillo. David and his wife, Carolyn, live in Falmouth in summer, and Palm Desert during the winter.

During the wind-whipped round of golf, the former denizens of Branford and Silliman had a great time together, and agreed they weren’t quite ready to compete for the senior version of the Tyng Cup – or the Masters’ green jacket. Fore! and Boola!

Harry Blumenthal and his partner Murray Pitts near Siracusa/Syracuse, Sicily.

Harry Blumenthal reports, “Our trip continues to be wonderful with museums, beautiful scenery and delicious meals.”

L-R: Sefik, Jim and Bob

Sefik Buyukyuksel, Jim Miller and Bob Allison last summer aboard a “gulek,” or wooden sailing vessel, built by traditional craftsmen on the southern coast of Turkey for more than 1000 years. “They’ve added some modern conveniences, however, that contributed to a marvelous Aegean ’67 mini-reunion hosted by Sefik and his wife, Idil Biret,” says Jim. “Bob and his delightful wife Nancy Sullivan added much to the pleasure of our one-week sojourn on the sea. One highlight was seeing Bob and Idil (certainly one of the great concert pianists of our generation, who has released more than 100 recordings of Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Rachmaninov, Liszt, Schubert, Schumann, Ravel and others) seated side-by-side at the electric keyboard. With great aplomb, Bob taught her the blues, and they joyously played a number of songs, Idil improvising fantastic blues arpeggios in the treble clef as she watched Bob’s hands to her left, as my wife Alden and I looked on transfixed.”

Andy Delbaum and his wife Cheryl visited her sister in Ninilchik, on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska this summer. Armed with a long lens and a keen eye for photo opportunities, Andy assembled an album of dramatic photos – of majestic Alaska and its eagles. “I particularly loved the opportunity to ‘stumble’ over wall-to-wall eagles. We stayed at a cabin with a fabulous view of Mt. Redoubt.” Enjoy the trip, complete with majestic mountains, moose, bears and eagles, with Andy and Cheryl. Click here to view the album.

  • Belle and Peter Petkas at the Cordoniu Winery in Spain

John Herman writes in: “Wife Diane and I are spending a nice weekend with Bob Lehrer and his wife Sheri Rothenberg on Lake Michigan, where he has a delightful cabin. Here is a photo of the four of us, still enjoying long conversations, walks and learning. And of course the sunsets. Today we are looking at the newest National Park, Indiana Dunes, which is next door to his place.”

Photo L: Diane and John Herman, and Robert Lehrer. Photo R: John and Diane Herman, Robert Lehrer and Sheri Rothenberg. John and Diane recently spent a delightful weekend visiting Bob and Sheri at their cabin on Lake Michigan, enjoying long conversations, walks and learning. And of course the sunsets. The friends also visited our nation’s newest National Park, Indiana Dunes, which is next door to Bob and Sheri’s cabin.

Rick and Nita Luis have sent us many photos from their intrepid travels. Please click the photo below to view them.

Rick and Nita Luis on Easter Island during a Yale Educational Travel trip.

Rick and Nita Luis on Easter Island. for more photos of Rick, click this photo.