Marlin Howard

Mike RhodesMarlin Howard passed away on January 15, 2023, surrounded by his family, just two months after retiring as a CPA and financial planner. He had a great sense of humor that got him in and out of trouble over the years, and he loved playing competitive pool and racquetball and connecting with his clients. But his favorite thing by far was spending time with his wife, Karen, his daughters Amy and Stephanie, and his grandchildren.

“Marlin came to Yale from Williston academy and became roommates with Gerald Padmore, Dave Tarr and me in Vanderbilt,” says Craig Avery. “The four of us all from different geographical areas, and having different schooling and religious upbringings; we remained together as roommates for all four years and lifelong friends.

“He was an accomplished financial planner who managed millions of dollars for his clients. They saw him as both a money manager and a friend; a quality that was Marlin. He didn’t have any fancy titles or win any notable awards, but he was the best because of his unwavering love for those who he came in contact with, and the love and respect he received in return. He was a true credit to the Yale that used to be.”