Marvin Purvis

Martin PurvisMartin Purvis, Professor of Information Science emeritus at Otago University in New Zealand, died on July 19. “I loved him dearly, and he was a treasure I came to appreciate increasingly over the years,” says Charlie Carter, who roomed with him Sophomore year. “I think our friendship on both sides was something that grew in quite special ways after graduation, but even as undergraduates we were close. His way of expressing delight and amazement was always endearing. His face lit up, and his voice assumed a new tone, and the emphasis of his diction all morphed into something that I found irresistible.”

“Martin made and wrote critically about films. One of his films featured him, Jeff Bader, and Jeff’s first wife, Rose. A totally sweet and mischievous short film.

Randy Alfred adds, “Those of us who took History of Music 10 in sophomore year will recognize the record that Rose plays in the film as the Haydn String Quartet, Op. 76, No. 2, 2nd movement. “I didn’t know Martin at Yale, but we struck up an e-friendship in the early days of the Class Listserv in the late 1990s. In the midnight hours here in California, I was often the only North American online as Mark Princi signed on in the morning from France, and Martin checked in during the evening from New Zealand. We had frequent around-the-globe chats about matters maximal and minimal. Easy globe-girdling conversation with classmates was novel and astonishing.”

“Marty (he was Marty back then) was one of my two freshman roommates,” says George Lazarus. “He was a gentleman and a scholar from the start. I remember Marty studying German; I was amused by the words that were whole sentences. In Freshman year he visited my home in Queens, New York. Apparently, back in those days bagels were not a common commodity where he came from in Chicago. He wasn’t sure what a bagel was – but when he saw one, he exclaimed, ‘Oh! A doughnut!’ 1963 was a long time ago!”