Steve Dungan

Steve Dungan Steve Dungan, one of the nicest guys you’ll ever want to meet, died on October 22 from complications of Alzheimer’s.

“Steve, Charlie Corcoran, Tom Morrison and I were ‘bunkies,’ as Steve called us, for four years,” says David Spiegel. “Steve was a tall, handsome lad with a ready, deep laugh and strong opinions. He was an unapologetic biochemist among three humanities majors, and he easily stood his ground. With that major he built the basis of his life’s work in pharma. In retirement he became active in local Democratic Party politics. It makes me sad to think of him gone.”

“I lived with Steve for four years and ate a thousand meals with him,” adds Charlie. “We were brothers. Very dissimilar, it’s true – he was a science guy, and I hardly passed Science I – but with a deep well of affection. I remember his laugh, his smile, his love for rock and roll music, his collection of 45 RPM records, his amusement at the foibles of others, including mine. He has left this world too soon.”