Talk '67 Video Archive

On June 19th, Professor Andy Beveridge spoke on the Women’s Revolution of the past 60 years. Please enjoy the enlightening recording!


Extra Takeaway:
     Andy’s slides


On May 22nd, classmate Barry Golson, former editor and interviewer for Playboy and other publications, spoke about the many familiar public figures of the past 60 years with whom he rubbed shoulders. Please enjoy the amazing recording!


Extra Takeaway:
     Barry’s slides


On April 25th, we held a group session, expertly moderated by our own Rick Moody, about our favorite professors at Yale. Very well received, this session was lively and brought a lot of smiles to the attendees. Please enjoy the recording!


Extra Takeaway:
     Our photo collection of favorite professors


On March 19th, classmate Dr. Bob Leahy spoke to us about the nature of regret and its uses and misuses. This is a lively talk by a world-renowned expert in his field, who possesses a great sense of humor.


On February 20th, classmate Dave Richards told us all about the history of our Yale Library System – its beginnings, and what the plans are for the future.


Our Extras:
     Dave’s slideshow
     Dave’s spoken presentation, for your reading pleasure


On January 23rd, we had a great 90-minute session, recalling memories of our freshman year at Yale. The recording is below, as well as our “Digital Scrapbook.”


Our “Digital Scrapbook”
     Slides from our freshman year (with a few from other years, as well)
     “yale undergraduate” magazine, 1963
     “Yale Banner,” 1964


On December 19th, Yale Professor Emeritus of Medicine and world-renowned sleep researcher Dr. Meir Kryger spoke to us about sleep issues that can plague people of our age. This talk was skillfully moderated by classmate David Lippman, MD.


On November 28th, our own Maestro John Mauceri told the story of how black the “Great White Way” was from the moment it found its voice in the musical theater of white composers like Gershwin, Berlin, Kern and Rodgers, and how the stories they put on stage were created to change the way white Americans thought about the inherent racism in their daily lives. John was joined by linguist Prof. John McWhorter and played movie, video and audio clips, delivering fascinating insights and commentary.


On October 31st, Mike Kail provided a fascinating look at American heroes and offered a very helpful, fact-based explanation of our fascination with them. Click the red Play button to enjoy the recording.


On September 12th, Rick Moody and Dennis Jaffe engaged classmates in a lively discussion about what makes life vital and enjoyable in our later years, the benefits of lifelong learning, and how to continue to be active, have fun and make a difference. Click the red Play button to enjoy the recording.


On August 10th, Norm Hile spoke about his experiences in Vietnam during the war. Peter Beeson, himself a Vietnam vet, enters into conversation with him. Click the red Play button to enjoy the recording.