The Jealousy Cure

Ever the out-of-the-box thinker, Bob Leahy, who is to cognitive therapy what Peter Scardino is to prostate surgery or Andy Beveridge is to demography – simply the best in his field – has a new book called ­The Jealousy Cure, which argues that jealousy has a huge upside: It lets you know that your relationship really means something to you. Of course, it has a big downside, too, and Bob’s book provides proven-effective skills to keep jealousy in its place.

As usual, Bob has written a book that can be read and enjoyed by both laypersons and his professional colleagues. Library Journal calls it “solid counsel for those whose relationships are plagued by jealousy and the individuals it targets.”

The Jealousy Cure is Bob’s 27th book, and No. 28, Don’t Believe Everything You Feel, has just been completed and is due out next summer.