What’s New?

What's New?

Here’s hoping you had a happy holiday season. We’d also like to hip you to some new things here on our class website:

* Mini-reunions by Mike Siris, Doug Melamed and Marshall Pomer at Stanford (plus a report on how Mike’s wife occupied herself while they were at it), and Bob Lehrer and Adrian Misarti in Chicago.

* Lanny Goldman’s latest book and a revised version of a Bob Leahy classic.

* Dave Wenner’s most unusual “hobby.”

* Reports on the YAA Convocation by our YAA delegate, Dave Richards, and The Game by our former YAA delegate, Class Treasurer (and friend of Walter), Rick Luis.

* Marty Snapp’s latest class notes, sooner and at greater length than you’ll find them in the alumni magazine.

* And, sadly, remembrances of five more classmates who have passed away: Ray Viets, John Gram, Steve Dungan, Tip Himes and Pete Willsey. A blessing on their memories.

Meanwhile, the new class discussion group is still taking off, with new members, new discussion threads, and a refreshing absence of political food fights. It’s about the closest thing you’ll find to a Yale dining hall conversation until our next reunion in 2022.

To join the DG, just email Barry Bardo at barry@bardocommunications.com and he’ll sign you up right away.

And it’s even easier to view the website. Just go to yale67.org and you’re in, no password required. If you’d like to submit items for the website or the class notes, please email them to Barry Bardo at barry@bardocommunications.com or Marty Snapp at catman442@comcast.net.

Barry and Marty