What’s New?

What's New?

The latest here on our website:

* A new podcast with John Mauceri on the Classmate Publications page.

* Petkas, O’Brien: classmates visiting classmates once again!

* September/October ’21 Class Notes

* A previously inaccessible, unpublished chapter to Dave Richard’s book about Skull and Keys is now available, through a link on our Classmate Publications page (scroll to the entry about Dave’s book to locate the link).

* July/August ’21 Class Notes

* Paintings and sculpture by Jimmy Rouse

* Nature photos by Jim Bourne in the Photography section

* A mystery novel by Stephen Dahl in the Classmate Publications section

* A new CD from Jeff Fuller in the Performing Arts section

* More classmate mini-reunions, including Doug Rund and Victor Ashe in a historic building in Fort Lauderdale; Steve Small, Joe deRaismes and Rick Moody in a bar in Boulder, Colorado; David Corcoran and Barry Bardo on a golf course in Palm Desert, California; and Rick and Nita Luis in the tallest building in Minneapolis with an old friend (class of ’82) who recently dropped out of the Presidential race.

Meanwhile, the new class discussion group is still taking off, with new members, new discussion threads, and a refreshing absence of political food fights. It’s about the closest thing you’ll find to a Yale dining hall conversation until our next reunion in 2022.

To join the DG, just email Barry Bardo at barry@bardocommunications.com and he’ll sign you up right away.

If you’d like to submit items for the website or the class notes, please email them to Barry Bardo at barry@bardocommunications.com or Marty Snapp at catman442@comcast.net.

Barry and Marty